My first fandub!!!

I tried my very first fandub!!! The song is called "You are my love" from Tsubasa Chronicles...

I used no effects!

Please leave feedback on whether you like it or not...  (Note: in this fandub, I sang with a sweeter voice than my normal voice. I can sing in other styles)

If anyone has any requests of anything you would like me to sing... Please don't hesitate to ask!!!

Thankyou xx

spamano derp


Is this community alive? And if so is anyone looking for a voice actress? I've recently gotten into fandubs and would really like the participate in more. I would put up samples of my voice work, but...yeah, I don't even know if this comm is working. Hope I get a reply or something soon. ^^'
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Fandub United

Everyone is welcome here at Fandub United.  You may post anything pertaining to any form of fandubs.  This includes fandubs of scenes, fandubs of series, fandub (or covers) of music, and even abridged series.  You can post about the new video you hosted on youtube for feedback, you can inform the community of auditions that are coming up for fandubs and abridged series, you can share with us the best fandubs you have found.  Please post, have fun, and participate!